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We want to have a better understanding of the business and the motivation for selling. It’s imperative to have a clear understanding of not only what you do, but other factors such as customer concentration and your employees in order to fully convey the business to a potential buyer.



Possible selling price is a vital piece to the puzzle so the client knows where they stand in what they will be receiving with a potential sale. Like real estate, we use industry comparables and thorough research to help distinguish what the market is paying.



We use a strategic and confidential approach to marketing. We vet potential buyers by verifying financial capabilities and non-disclosures.



There are multiple factors of consideration other than just price consideration in an offer. We decipher through the offer to help determine what is best for the client and then negotiate by understanding our clients’ goals.


Due Diligence

We help manage the due diligence process and make sure that this stays on track in order to close.



We realize the importance that the client is surrounded by key people during the process.

  1. CPA – Will help with the tax ramifications of a business sale
  2. Attorney – Ensures that they are protected thru a defined purchase agreement
  3. Trust and Estate Planner – Helpful when dealing with the family dynamic on a significant transaction