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We’re your exit strategy partner. At Nextward, through experience and understanding, we guide business owners through the exit process with defined steps and the common goal of successfully selling your business.

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Providing top tier advising for middle market businesses.

We understand how much time and money you put into getting your business off the ground. Our objective is to bring you the highest level of transparency and integrity throughout the transaction process to ensure a smooth transfer of sale. We believe in giving you a fair and honest assessment so that you go into the process with realistic expectations and understand your company’s worth.

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We have the experience to maximize results for Nashville business sellers.

Most business owners question when it’s the right time to sell. Having been on all sides of the selling process, we understand the consideration not only for our sellers but for their families and employees as well. We not only work with businesses in selling their companies but also prepare them for the sale. Our job is to surround you with the knowledge and advisors to guide you towards the best after-tax situation. Our understanding of the Southeast markets and experience handling a variety of industries allows us to save you time planning your exit strategy and leave the strategizing to us to ensure a timely and successful close.

Our process is our difference.

There are many aspects to consider when it comes to selling your business. Our team of experienced business advisors has been through the process on all sides. Therefore, we recognize the importance of having a clear sense of direction to bring clarity to the uncertainty. We take the hassle out of selling by thoroughly researching all aspects of your business to better advise you on getting the best price and terms for your business sale. This includes coming up with a confidential marketing strategy that will help bring qualified buyers to the table so you can close as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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After reviewing your business and goals, our team will assess your assets and provide guidance on making your business stand out to potential buyers. From marketing to closing and everything in between, we handle all the details to give you peace of mind.

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